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Ammonia Awareness Webinars


Designed for management and supervisory personnel this is an ideal way to ensure everyone has the essential knowledge without having to leave their desk. It can be run as a half day or full day session and can be easily adapted to the needs of individual companies but the information below shows the most popular format we run.


To understand the implications of operating an ammonia plant including a basic understanding of ammonia as a refrigerant, site safety, operating procedures and what to do in the event of a release.


An on-line presentation supported by course notes. No formal assessment but an attendance certificate will be issued on successful completion.


The synopsis below shows the main topics covered during the half day course. They can be extended depending on the time available and the requirements of an individual company.

1. Introduction
2. Basic ammonia knowledge
3. Procedures that should be in place
4. Dangers of ammonia
5. Site safety
6. Possible effects from ammonia
7. What could happen during a release
8. How ammonia can affect a person
9. How to be safe
10.Tool box talk – brief summary of do’s and don’ts