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City and Guilds 6090 Trailblazer


The City and Guilds 6090-02 Trailblazer was introduced in Autumn 2017 as a completely new type of qualification to replace the former 6187 range of apprenticeships. Combining refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump skills this course is designed to move seamlessly from level 2 to level 3, culminating in an End Point Assessment. Successful candidates will achieve either a Pass, Credit or Distinction and leave as a fully fledged RACHP Technician.

Working with the Growth Company in Manchester, new groups are starting all the time.

Please note - everyone taking this course must already be working for an RAC company as work based evidence is essential to complete the qualification.


To achieve the City and Guilds 6090 Trailblazer qualification.


This course will be split into two sections:

6090-20 level 2 - taking approximately two years to complete
6090-30 level 3 - taking approximately one year to complete

(Candidates with suitable previous experience/qualifications such as a previous level 2 apprenticeship will be eligible to enter the course at level 3 subject to a Skill Scan.)

Both level 2 and level 3 will be timetabled into block release, training in 5 day sessions, and training methods will be the same mix of theory and practical as before, including:

Written assignments
Practical assignments
On line, multiple choice question papers
Work based evidence

All candidates will also have to pass the City and Guilds 2079 in Refrigerant Handling and hold level 2 or equivalent in English and Maths.

New for the 6090 Trailblazer is the Apprenticeship Development Journal. Completed at work throughout the whole three year training program this is essentially a technical diary in which work is recorded and evidence gathered to prove competency in the disciplines outlined in the pre-printed part of the journal. Simulated evidence will not be admissable..


To obtain this qualification, candidates will need to have successfully completed:

Level 2
Level 3
City and Guilds 2079 in Refrigerant Handling ('F Gas')*
Level 2 in English and Maths**
Their Apprenticeship Development Journal
Their End Point Assessment

* This is not included within the scope of the apprenticeship but time will be allocated within the timetabled sessions to enable candidates to obtain this qualification.

** Functional Skills' training will be available for anyone who has not achieved the necessary grades already.

Both level 2 and level 3 are split into prescribed units and these can be summarised as follows:

6090-20 Level 2

Unit 201 - Health and Safety in RACHP Industry
Unit 202 - Fundamental Principles of RACHP Systems
Unit 203 - Application of the Fundamental Principles of the Vapour Compression Systems
Unit 204 - Functions and Features of RACHP Systems
Unit 205 - Service and Maintain RACHP Systems
Unit 206 - Install and Commission RACHP Systems
Unit 207 - Electrical Systems for RACHP Systems

Units 201, 205, 206 and 207 will be assessed by assignment.
Unit 204 is assessed by on line multiple choice question paper.

There are also 2 additional on line exams:

Unit 501 - Health and Safety in RACHP industry
Unit 502 - Synoptic knowledge test on the application of fundamental principles of RACHP systems

6090-30 Level 3

Unit 201 - Health and Safety in RACHP Industry
Unit 301 - Applying Fundamental Principles
Unit 302 - Complex RACHP Systems
Unit 303 - Commissioning and Troubleshooting Complex RACHP Systems
Unit 304 - Work Planning and Organisation for RACHP Systems
Unit 305 - Electrical Power and Control for RACHP Systems
Unit 307 - Career Progression in RACHP Engineering Services

All the above units will be assessed by assignment.

An additional unit, 501 - Health and Safety in RACHP Industry - will be assessed by means of an on line multiple choice question paper.

The End Point Assessment
Candidates who have successfully completed all the other elements of the course will be eligible to 'pass through the gateway' and take their End Point Assessment.

This is carried out by an external assessor and includes:
A final, on-line, multiple choice question paper covering all aspects of the course
A final, in depth, practical project
A professional discussion.

Candidates will achieve a Pass, a Credit, or a Distinction.