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6187 Fast Track Level 3 for Adults

Designed for experienced RAC engineers who need a level 3 NVQ qualification this is a short, intense course leading to the City and Guilds 6187-04 or 6187-06. With the last registration date now 31st July 2023 there is plenty of time to complete this and we are already putting together our next group.

Recognizing there will be a number of engineers who don't already hold an NVQ qualification or equivalent but may need one we are offering a different way of achieving this providing you are already extremely experienced and working for an RAC company.

Course Structure
Week 1 - Induction and Unit 303
Weeks 2 & 3 - Electrics and Units 302 and 602
Weeks 4 & 5 - Technical Training and Remaining Units
Week 6 (optional) - Additional Technical Training
2 Days for On Site Assessments

Route Options
6187-04 - Servicing & Maintaining Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Equipment
6187-06 - Servicing & Maintaining Refrigeration Equipment

In brief ...
All candidates must choose one route to follow but these will be run concurrently. A training calendar will be provided.

Candidates must be employed by an RAC company to complete the course because of the site based evidence required and the on-site assessments.

All candidates will need to complete:
A skill scan, the 4 mandatory units for their chosen route, 2 on-site assessments, a portfolio

The course will usually take between 27 and 32 days including on-site assessments unless additional training is required (not included initially).

Training is in one week blocks (apart from the on-site assessments) and maximum attendance is essential to ensure successful completion.

This course is particularly suitable for companies with groups of engineers requiring this qualification but we can also schedule courses for individuals.

Funding is not usually available (although we will check at the time) but payment can be made in installments if preferred.

The total cost of the course is 5400.00 plus vat per person, or 4 installments of 1350.00 plus vat per person, based on a maximum of 32 training days. (Additional days would be extra)

This includes a full set of course notes, training materials, registration and certificate fees and coffee and a buffet lunch.

For more information or to join the next course please contact us on:

Tel: 01282 452152

The small print
For viability, costs assume a minimum of 4 people per course.
The first installment must be paid before the start of the course.
No certificates will be issues until everything is paid for in full.