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Train to Save

Time, Money, the Environment ....
Too good to be true? No, totally achievable. Training really can make a huge difference whatever your background and experience. Let us explain ..
Knowledge and good refrigeration practice can help you achieve

Quicker repairs or installations - more cost effective and competitive
Less repeat call outs - less wasted time
Easier fault finding - quicker, less stressful repairs
Less materials required - more profitable and economic
Happier customers!

Happy customers will sing your praises and your reputation will spread - for all the right reasons.

But trainintg costs money, right?
True, but probably much less than you'd expect. Our short, practical, modular courses

Take from 1 to 10 days (excluding NVQ/QCF) to minimise down time
Run all year so you can train at your convenience
Include practical work on real systems so plenty of "hands on" as well as theory
Cover a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced
Help to ensure you have the skills and knowledge you or your engineers need to work as effectively as possible
Help you or your engineers gain industry recognised qualifications to prove your knowledge and fulfil legal requirements

And the environment?

Current legislation and environmental issues are intrinsic to all our courses. Less obviously perhaps, good refrigeration practice will automatically minimise the impact on the environment. Ensuring plant is set up for maximum efficiency is environmentally friendly and also cost effective. Whether carrying out repair or service work, installing or maintaining plant, or actually designing it and selecting the equipment, understanding and skills really can make a difference.

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