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CPD Courses Available

Conscious of the growing need for even experiencd engineers to prove continual professional development as well as simply updating their skills we have introduced a number of CPD modules which can 'fill the gaps' as well as providing a springboard for future training. Not just aimed at RAC engineers the topics will also be useful for those working in heating and venitilating, building services engineering and gas industries.
Detailed course synopses can be found on the course listing on the left hand side but in a nutshell:

Understanding the Construction Team
A 2 day module designed to give you a guided tour round the complexities of site personnel, roles, procedures and working effectively with other members of the team. It will also include relevant statutory legislation and interpreting company policy.

Understanding Environmental Protection measures
With increasing emphasis on the environment and energy conservation for economic as well as legal reasons this 3 day module is an oppotunity to gain an in depth insight into the main topics involved in this. Including legislation, waste disposal and disposal requirements for hazardous waste it will also look at the simple procedures which can be introduced to make a big difference.

Applying Scientific Principles within Mechanical Engineering Services
Whether school science is fairly recent or just a distant memory it is likely that many of the terms and concepts routinely encountered in the building services industries will either be a complete mystery or something to be ignored if at all possible.

Run as either a 3 day (experienced engineers) or 5 day (less experienced engineers) module this is a chance to gain an insight into the terminology and their applications within the workplace.

All the above courses can be held here or on site if you have suitable facilities and a group of engineers needing training.