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Course Duration: 1 day(s)

Air Conditioning Systems & Operational Assessment Training (TM44)


This course is for all Energy Assessors involved in Air Conditioning system inspections (TM44 Energy Assessment reports) and will provide essential guidance on calculating energy efficiency of water chillers, split, multi split and VRF cooling units along with performance of air handling units.


On completion of the course delegates should be able to:

• Identify various RAC System applications and components for assessment
• Calculate theoretical efficiency of a refrigerant system using service inspection data
• Appreciate Absorption refrigeration
• Develop and apply Risk Assessments and control measures during inspections
• Inspect AC system operation and carry out indirect leak tests
• Write comprehensive energy assessment reports
• Develop effective working relationships by acting on customer feedback


The presentation will be assisted by the use of good quality visual aids and by worked examples. Practical work on real systems will be carried out where appropriate.


The following topics will be included:

• Refrigeration and air conditioning systems and components
• Thermodynamics and power consumption
• Cooling capacity of air conditioning systems
• The absorption refrigeration cycle
• The air handling unit
• Specific fan power
• Air conditioning system inspections and CLG report softwear
• Risk assessments for inspections